Congratulations Sketches


Like many of you, i admire some of the housing architecture our city has to offer. At times it is mis-matched or renovated by people who may not have appreciated the original style that it was built in, but even that gets me excited as all of our housing architecture has some kind of story to tell. Lately, I have been paying extra attention to these details when i decided that as part of my congratulations package to my clients who have bought something with me, i will give them a sketch of their house. So many details come through and reveal histories of the past inhabitants of each dwelling. For example, why one would use wood siding over metal, when did metal become the vernacular siding, gutter and fascia material, why would one pave the front garden and another plant it with vegetables. I believe these observations, details, tell a story of our city. A story that is rich and lively, full of many cultures and many lives. I believe it’s high time we embrace these differences and appreciate them as a whole part of who we are as a city. I often hear people and real estate agents especially poke fun at housing that is obviously owned by someone from a culture or generation perhaps different from their own. I challenge these folks to put aside all the images we are fed through design magazines, blogs and tv shows and ask yourselves with a clear mind why one would choose to make certain choices. If you look close enough and are genuinely curious about these things, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find, just like i was. Below is a sampling of some of my house sketches, enjoy!




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